Virtual Schooling for Students from Grade 9-12

HTS Online offers a virtual school experience for Grade 9-12 students focusing on community, connection and personalized mentorship. Achieve an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) from the comfort of home and flexibility for your child’s outside interests to flourish.

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Explore a different way of experiential learning for students in Grades 9-12!
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At HTS Online Global Campus, we ensure that your child is not left to figure out the curriculum themselves. Our school provides individualized attention for our students and personalized support as students transition from their current learning environment to online learning.

Community is the thread that keeps us connected. Our wonderful teachers and admin staff ensure that students feel a sense of belonging with weekly assemblies, co-curricular and extracurricular activities, alongside a hands-on learning approach to learning. We also connect in person through our Connections Week where our community comes together.

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Students have our full support. Our communication with families is comprehensive and ongoing, including technical assistance and an excellent onboarding process for new students. HTS Online also provides guidance counsellors and a mentorship program to ensure your child is fully supported.

Classes take place in our virtual school where students can engage with each other and their teachers. The virtual school platform allows students to walk through the hallways and interact and collaborate with other classmates. There are leadership opportunities within our school and students do have the opportunity to meet up in-person throughout the year.

HTS Online provides a mixture of asynchronous and synchronous lessons to allow for a variety of schedules. Classes are also recorded to allow students to access after class, and teachers meet students in a 1:1 or small group sessions throughout the semester.

The HTS Online Advantage

Meaningful engagement that caters to an atmosphere of growth and individuality. The power of personalized learning is not in what we teach or how we teach it — the power comes from deeply knowing and understanding who we teach.

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