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HTS Learning Network

Message from our

Head of School

Helen Pereira-Raso

The HTS Learning Network is a world-class learning ecosystem that inspires individuals to be their best selves. By providing an inclusive environment where learners experience self-discovery and connection, HTS allows individuals to flourish.

Our students are flourishing! Our space is centred around learning experiences that are rooted in healthy and joyful relationships with our students while challenging the barriers of where what and how we learn. Our learning environments are personalized and inclusive allowing students to reach their greatest potential and become the change-makers of tomorrow.

Our professional and qualified staff are charting new pathways for our students. They continue evolving instructional design, assessment and evaluation practices while leveraging technology to enable flexibility and innovation in our learning practices.

I invite you to meet the amazing people within our ecosystem—whether on our Richmond Hill Campus, HTS Online, or the incredible professionals who serve our community. We are forever evolving to serve our learners in the best way possible.

Our Vision for Transformational Learning

HTS is committed to educational excellence, as measured by readiness for university entrance. We emphasize character development and individual student abilities within the context of integrity and Christian values.

Through self-discovery and connection, students can ignite, explore, and fulfil their curiosity. We believe that transforming lives transforms the world, and are committed to serving our community.

Our Commitment to Inclusion

At HTS, we value respect, compassion and dignity—the underpinnings of our Christian beliefs and everything that we do. It is through these values that we develop knowledge, skills and empathy for others in our students. We are proud to welcome every person to our campus without discrimination or judgement. 

HTS is committed to ensuring that the key principles of equity, fairness and inclusion are integrated into all of our policies, programs, operations and practices. We always ensure that the personal integrity, personal safety and the well-being of all our community members are respected. The inclusive environment at HTS allows our students to develop diverse perspectives that enable them to thrive in our school community and as global citizens.

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Christian Ethos

The Chapel lies at the heart of our community. It is a place of faith, where we gather in peace to find inspiration and centre oneself at the start of a productive day. At daily worship, we promote healthy relationships and honest communication—the firm foundation of a strong, united, diverse and giving community. 

Chapel along with religious education, strengthens one’s faith and contributes to one’s character. We focus on the Christian values that underpin our school, like love, joy, peace, hope, patience, and self-control. The engaging and accepting atmosphere of our daily worship can be seen pervading the school as students and teachers endeavour to practice what is preached.

God Bless,

The Reverend Canon Stephen Crowther
School Chaplain

Founded in a church basement in 1981 by members of the Holy Trinity Church in Thornhill, and based on the principles of the Anglican Church. It is no surprise that Chapel is at the heart of the HTS community.

Its purpose today? To uplift hearts and open minds. A place where we can come together with friends and classmates, it allows young minds to disengage from the demands of busy schedules and contemplate thought-provoking topics such as forgiveness and respect. We share our thoughts about character and values, celebrate milestones, recognize accomplishments, recount experiences, offer encouragement and pause to reflect. 

HTS is one of the few independent schools to have a full-time chaplain responsible for all aspects of religious instruction and observance. To us, religious studies is a crucial part of a well-rounded education. 

While we continue to honour the vision of the school founders and uphold the principles set forth, HTS welcomes members of all faiths and celebrates a shared commitment to the ideals we all hold in common. After all, the values that we uphold are universal: Honour, Integrity, Charity, Respect, Forgiveness, Selflessness and Compassion.


Amazing Spaces

Every inch of our Campus supports educational excellence, collaboration, personalization and self-discovery.

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