Mr Armin Hodaei 

Science Teacher

Armin, a dedicated science teacher at HTS, holds a Master's degree in Physics from McMaster University. He brings expertise and a profound passion for science to our school community. Serving as the Vice President of the Canadian Association of Amateur Astronomers (CAAA), Armin's commitment to education and enthusiasm for astronomy shine through his work with CAAA. He organizes the National Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiads in Canada, sparking students' curiosity.

Armin also represents Canada as the Team Leader and coach in international olympiads, while concurrently serving as a board member of the international committee for olympiads since 2021, promoting global collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Beyond academics, Armin finds solace and inspiration in swimming, and he's a skilled astronomer, sharing his passion for the night sky with others. His dedication to science, commitment to education, and diverse interests make him an exceptional member of our teaching staff, empowering students in their pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.