Mr Marcus O'Neill 

BA (Hons), PGC Ed

Physical and Health Education Department Head

Marcus earned his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Exeter University with a specialism in Physical Education. For over a decade, he dedicated himself to educating students at a Selective Grammar School and Specialist Sports College in the South East of England. In 2016, Marcus embarked on a new chapter in Canada, where he immersed himself in the adventure travel industry. Here, he meticulously prepared and led numerous school groups on adventures around the world. His commitment to nurturing young minds eventually led him to the HTS community in 2020.

Since joining HTS he has taught within both Middle and Senior Divisions and currently serves as Department head of Physical Education and Health. An enthusiastic educator with a passion for movement and activity, Marcus wholeheartedly embraces the journey of learning alongside his students in the classroom and guiding them in the sports arena as a coach. Outside of teaching, Marcus enjoys spending time with his family and remaining active through outdoor activities, fitness, and rugby.