Mr Matthew Iu 

BSc (Hons), MSc, MT

Science Teacher

Matthew completed his Bachelor of Science from McGill University, majoring in biochemistry. It was during these years that he was an active researcher, working in medical science laboratories on several projects dear to him. These included designing mouse models to better study human liver cancer and examining some of the important molecular processes that drive breast cancer cells. With a continual passion for medical science (as well as Montreal), Matthew decided to stay at McGill and complete a master’s project. His work focused on exploring new therapies for smokers who develop emphysema. This led to his discovery of a gene that protects lung cells against cigarette smoke and resulted in a scientific journal publication. Ever curious, he continues to informally collaborate with his lab on new projects even after his departure.

Given an opportunity to teach undergraduate students, he quickly realized that teaching was a dear passion and a profession that offered the greatest sense of belonging. He attended the University of Toronto to obtain his Master of Teaching and gain teacher certification. Matthew was given the opportunity to teach summer school at HTS where he witnessed the extraordinary calibre and character of its students. He was thrilled to be able to join the faculty in 2019.

Matthew also pursues several interests outside of school. A self-confessed classical music nerd, he attends several symphony concerts and is an avid violinist. Matthew also enjoys playing and watching ice hockey and hopes to apply this towards coaching. Driven by a love of being a student (and a love for good food), he is enrolled in the continuing education program at George Brown College where he is gradually working towards a culinary degree.