Mr Waqas Khan 


Director of IT Operational System

Waqas Khan brings a diverse background in technology and the cybersecurity landscape, holding an Honours Bachelor of Technology degree in Informatics and Security from Seneca College (2014). His career journey includes significant roles, starting as a Systems Administrator at HTS before progressing to become the Director of IT Operational Systems. With over a decade of experience, Waqas has contributed significantly to the field. He has also held notable positions at Toronto Rock Lacrosse and the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO).

In his various roles, Waqas has demonstrated proficiency in network systems oversight, security, disaster planning, and the seamless integration of technology. He has played a pivotal role in researching and recommending cutting-edge solutions, spearheading cybersecurity initiatives, and overseeing the implementation of advanced technology. Complementing his hands-on experience, his Honours degree equipped him with expertise in vulnerability assessment, system planning, public key infrastructure, and enterprise architecture. Waqas is dedicated to ensuring compliance, staying abreast of industry trends, and executing effective solutions at HTS.