Ms Jocelyn Rawlins 


Student Success Counsellor

As an eternal learner, HTS graduate, and HTS parent, Jocelyn gets to bring her passion, joy, curiosity, experience, and institutional knowledge to the Student Success Department and counselling team. From her post-secondary educational foundations in Kinesiology, Psychology, English, and Education she supports and connects with each of her students on their personalized journey of learning, growth and development.

Her past management of a Kumon Centre, with over 350 students (ages 3 to 21) allowed her the opportunity to develop a sound understanding of various mathematical, reading and writing learning approaches and concepts. Much of her time was devoted to connecting with students, families, and staff in the navigation of hurdles and successes in their own learning and motivation. Her life as a waterfront director, lifeguard, and teacher of swimming, kayaking, and canoeing served to develop her emergency response abilities. This additionally honed her calm and mindful approaches to teaching and supporting others while they worked through challenges, appreciated beauty in the experience, and celebrated successes.

Her current experience, training and practice as a registered yoga teacher, with a variety of specializations, including Childrens’ Yoga, permit for an added lens into a range of strength, balance, breathing, flexibility, and stress relief strategies, aiding students in their wellbeing. As a counsellor, through a strengths-based and solution-focused counselling approach, students are supported in their social and emotional learning, career and post-secondary explorations, goal aspirations, and their personal path forging. In her personal life she fills her moments with awe, wonder, learning and laughter through continuing to take courses alongside of wholeheartedly engaging in indoor and outdoor activities in all seasons, ranging from scuba diving to dog sledding, with her son and Siberian Husky.