Ms Katie Young 

BA (Hons), BEd, MA

Lead Teacher, Internship Program

She is a fierce believer in the capacity of all learners to create learning experiences that are deep, relevant and meaningful. When teachers walk alongside students and when learning is authentic and purposeful to them, the experiences of both teachers and students can be transformative. By centring learners at the heart of our practice through intentional shifts and personalized scaffolding, we invite not only curiosity and passion but also welcome our students to be experts in their learning.

Although Katie has 16 years of teaching experience, she has reimagined many of her instructional practices through professional development, self-reflection, feedback, and thoughtful conversations with students and colleagues. Her practice is sparked by team teaching and interdisciplinary approaches. She is guided by honouring the dignity of her students and colleagues and a sense of hopeful inquiry to humanize education.

Katie has led the Internship Program, making social justice and service to marginalized communities key components of the program. She has recently received a Certificate of Achievement from the Government of Canada for Excellence in Teaching.