Ms Sejal Shukla 

BCom, BEd, MCom


Sejal holds a Master of Commerce and a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Mumbai University, showcasing a strong foundation in finance and business management. Additionally, she possesses a Bachelor of Education degree, emphasizing her commitment to education. She embarked on an educational journey to Queen's University, Canada. This decision was driven by her desire to bridge the gap between the two education systems and gain a broader perspective on her field of study. Studying in Canada has enriched her academic experience, provided her with international insights, and enhanced her skill set, making her a well-rounded professional with a global perspective. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, having worked in various roles across industries. Sejal’s professional journey has equipped her with valuable skills in economics, financial analysis, management, and education.

As an educator, she firmly believes in the importance of holistic development, and that's why she actively participates in and leads co-curricular activities that enhance the learning experience beyond the classroom. She is proud to be a part of the Model United Nations (MUN) program, where she guides and mentors students in the art of diplomacy, international relations, and critical thinking. In her role as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Leader, she has the privilege of overseeing a program that empowers students to challenge themselves, explore their potential, and contribute to their communities.

Beyond her professional life, she is passionate about cooking different kinds of cuisine, playing badminton, chess and volunteering in cultural festivals that reflect her dedication to personal growth and community engagement.