Ms Alethea Argyropoulos

Student Success Coach

Alethea is a dedicated educator with a genuine passion for personalized learning and teaching. She joined Holy Trinity School as a Student Success Coach in 2021, where she focuses on supporting students’ academic growth in their formative years.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies, Alethea concentrated on creative interventions, early literacy support, bilingual teaching strategies, and assisting students with diverse learning needs. She expanded her knowledge with a Master of Education degree from the University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). Alethea's diverse experience in both private and public education, along with her knowledge in child development and learning strategies, inform her approach. With a strong commitment to education and the teaching profession, Alethea blends theory, research, and practical application to support students on their educational journeys.

Outside of her professional life, Alethea enjoys exploring the world of visual arts and continuing her life-long practice in classical violin. These are her cherished hobbies, providing her with a creative outlet and a source of personal enrichment.