Summer School

Summer school is an excellent choice for students who are looking to improve and those who are looking to reach ahead.

Courses in Mathematics, Science, Technology, Global Studies, Modern Languages, and English allow students to choose a course in their area of interest and grade level. Students use summer school to gain confidence, improve study skills, and open up timetabling options for the following year.

There are many benefits for students choosing to take a course with HTS Summer School:

  • Smaller class sizes allow students to dive into any subject matter with increased
    one-on-one support from their teacher
  • Benefit of only focusing on one course at a time
  • Further opportunity to grasp difficult concepts with less distraction

For students who are currently enrolled in grade 8, learning in HTS Summer School begins to prepare them for the academic rigours in Senior School.

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For more information, currently enrolled students can visit the

Summer School Google site.